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Follow Your Fork to Atlanta’s Coolest Caribbean Restaurant: Apt 4B

If you’re looking for the right date night vibe, look no further than Apt 4B. The space was designed to resemble the creative, eclectic home of artists-slash-lovers living together in New York. 

“The lady’s a DJ and the guy is a photographer,” says Tasha Cyril of Apt 4B. “So all the pictures that you see are essentially his artwork. All the records are her collection.” 

Though the restaurant boasts the largest vinyl collection in Atlanta, it can brag even more about its elevated Caribbean cuisine. 

We invite you to watch the story of Apt 4B and Follow Your Fork to the various flavors and regions representing Black & Diaspora cultures throughout the U.S. and Canada. Click here to find the best Caribbean cuisine in your city and here for more Atlanta eateries.

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Jada Smith
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