Content Submission

Submission Guidelines for Freelance Writers & Multimedia Producers

Black Restaurant Week is looking to expand its content offerings to include more creative features and analytical looks at the latest and greatest happenings in the Black culinary world. BRW is already known for connecting people to Black restaurants and food-based businesses around the country and for being a resource for chefs, operators, restauranteurs, and other professionals within the culinary industry. By including more creative content and impactful storytelling from writers and multimedia producers, we are helping to widen and add more depth to the conversation. 

With a large social media following and a national subscriber base, this is an opportunity for writers and multimedia producers from around the country to put their work in front of a highly engaged audience while amplifying their community’s culinary stories. Unpublished drafts are our preferred submission type, but previously self-published stories may also be considered. Unsolicited pitch ideas are welcome as well. 

Here is an example of the type of content we’re looking for: 

  • Listicles
  • Essays and/or reported articles that sit at the intersection of food and culture 
  • Reported articles about the intersection of food and technology 
  • Reported articles regarding food security, food & environmental justice, food advocacy, community led projects that fight hunger, waste, etc. 
  • Profiles of chefs, operators, restauranters and other professionals
  • Content around Black food history
  • Content from around the African diaspora
  • Miscellaneous – try us! 

All pitches should include: 

  • A sample headline 
  • A few details about the idea you’re proposing, showing us your grasp of the story and why you’re the person to write it. This line from Medium’s submission guidelines is a good start: If it’s an essay, let your voice shine through. If it’s a reported story, who would you talk to? If it’s a profile, do you have access?
  • Proposed word count and imagined treatment. Would this be best as a Q&A? Profile? Essay? Slideshow? Listicle? Video? Audio series? Something else? 
  • A few words about yourself and at least two writing samples. 

Send all pitches to Jada F. Smith at .

Please include: BRW Pitch in the subject line. Add URGENT if the content is time-sensitive. We will respond to as many emails and pitches as possible, but please be patient while waiting for a response. We look forward to hearing from you!