About Us

Black Restaurant Week is an experiential and creative marketing agency that creates awareness of black-owned culinary businesses.  Through collaborations with corporations and community partners, we organize culinary events and marketing campaigns, shedding light on small culinary businesses that often struggle with limited funds and resources for their own promotional efforts.


Our unique restaurant week model extends beyond traditional dine-in establishments, showcasing the diverse offerings of the culinary industry such as catering services, food trucks, and culinary products. This comprehensive approach not only boosts the local economy but also provides broader exposure to the richness of the Black culinary scene, an integral component of American culture.

Our Team


Warren Luckett

Founder, Managing Partner

Falayn Ferrell

Managing Partner - Operations

Derek Robinson

Managing Partner - Marketing

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Black Restaurant Week offers a variety of partnership and advertising opportunities. Contact us today to discover the flavors of our community.

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