Follow Your Fork to Authentic Nigerian Food with Houston’s Jollof Rice King

“What we want to do is keep it traditional. Authentic,” said Tiffaney Odewale, co-owner of Houston’s Jollof Rice King. “We want people to taste it as if they were in Nigeria.” ⁠

We invite you to watch Jollof Rice King’s story and Follow Your Fork to the various flavors and regions representing Black & Diaspora cultures throughout the U.S. and Canada. Click here to find the best African cuisine in your city and here for more Houston eateries

Interested in learning more about the cultural and culinary connections between Africa and the Diaspora? We’ve got this breakdown of 5 different types of West African Rice, a primer on the basics of Egyptian cuisine and watch this video of a traditional Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony with Addis NOLA.  

Jada Smith
Author: Jada Smith

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