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For the Man Who Eats Everything! A Culinary Father’s Day Gift Guide

Here it comes: Father’s Day! We can’t believe half the year has flown by, but it’s time again to pick up something special for that special guy on this special day. Choosing the perfect gift for dad can be a little challenging. After all, you’ve probably gotten him all the cool gadgets, neckties, and gift cards he could ever use. Fortunately, we all know what dads really want for Father’s Day: food. Actually, he loves food every day, and these gift ideas will feed that need!

No worries if you’ve waited till the last minute either. The following Father’s Day gift ideas will get to you fast, and your dad’s appreciation will last. Whether they love waking up to some eye-opening java, filling their belly in the middle of the day, or ending the night with a solid cocktail, these unique Father’s Day gifts are guaranteed to hit the spot. And did we mention that they all come from Black-owned businesses?

If there’s any truth to the old saying that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach — and we all know it’s totally true — then these simple Father’s Day gifts are guaranteed to win daddy’s love for sure!

Shake It Up: Premium Black-Owned Cocktail Mixers

Does dad love making adult beverages at home? Then add this cool stuff for Father’s Day to his bar! Start with 18.21 Bitters because you can’t shake a great cocktail without those secret ingredients to make them tasty! Think unique mixers like spiced honey syrup and Japanese lime and jalapeño bitters. Prices range from about $21 to $26 for individual bottles to gift sets hovering around $70.

Then head over to Hella Cocktail Co. and their awesome mix of mixers! They’ve got cans of bitters-flavored soda like ginger turmeric and bittersweet spritz to add yummy fizz to drinks! Dad can fix quick cocktails with Hella’s premium mixers for Margaritas, Bloody Marys, Moscow Mules, and more. A 12-pack of soda cans comes in at about $40 (individual flavors or variety packs), while bottles of mixers come in three-packs for $43.

Get a little more down-home with Mix’d Roots and their eye-catching infusions. Passionately concocted with the founder’s “heritage-inspired” cultural traditions, these are jars filled with fruits and spices, creating infusions to pair with both cocktails and mocktails alike. It doesn’t get more unique than this! Each jar of the infusions sells for $25 each, regardless of variety. You can also pick up bags and bottles of roots and spices for $15 to $25.

In-house, from bread pudding with rum sauce to an array of cake slices and pies. Nonno also offers breakfast all day for those craving chicken and waffles for lunch or dinner. A range of options on the daily menu, surely makes this a neighborhood staple.


Old-Fashioned Dad: Black Bourbon Society Subscription

If your dad’s Father’s Day could use a little shot of bourbon, then a membership to the Black Bourbon Society will be the gift that keeps on giving! With founder Samara Rivers’ mission of bridging the African American community with premium spirits, this network of social media platforms, curated exclusive events, and brand partnerships serve up the good stuff! Fostering an appreciation for the niche lifestyle of enjoying America’s native spirit, this awesome spirits lovers’ club is a great way to meet like-minded folks while enjoying the Black Bourbon Society’s privileges. You can give the gift of membership for $135.

Celebrity Spirits: Star-Powered Tequila Shots

Looking for top Father’s Day gift ideas for the dad who loves tequila? Then we’ve got three celebrities ready to play bartender to your pops! Kevin Hart’s Gran Coramino is top-shelf tequila perfect for sipping. Mr. Hart combines forces with 11th-generation tequila maker Juan Domingo Beckmann to craft these barrel-aged selections. And at $59 per bottle, it’s right in the goldilocks prize zone for the good stuff.

If you’re looking to gain air on the bar, try Michael Jordan’s Cincoro Tequila. His dream team of NBA owners offers this line of ultra-smooth 100% Blue Weber agave tequilas. Always looking for excellence, Jordan’s bottles add an element of presentation sculpted to look like an agave leaf. The Blanco, Reposado, and Añejo offerings run for about $105 to $150, respectively. Or you can go all out for dad with a $2,400 bottle of the Extra Añejo!

NBA legend LeBron James also jumps into the tequila game! Tequila Lobos 1707 traces its tradition back 500 years thanks to partner Diego Osorio’s family recipes for Oaxacan mezcal and tequilas. Tinted bottles like Reposado’s red and Extra Añejo’s bronze reflect what’s inside. Most bottles here run in the $50 to $60 range except for the Extra Añejo, which goes for $160. Oh, and they have gift cards, too!

Eye Openers: Caffeinated Pick-Me-Ups for Dad

There’s no better way to thank dad for all his hard work than by giving him some coffee and tea to start out his day! And these Black-owned businesses are pouring it out. Hot and Cool Café is a South Central LA vegan establishment making unique coffee blends like Monkeypaw and Black Sugar. Our friends over at The Black Coffee Company proudly provide organic direct-trade whole coffee beans, carefully curated from around the world. Both companies offer up a bag of their beans for $15 to $20 each depending on varieties — plus they have great schwag!

If Father’s Day goes down better with a nice cuppa tea, then we’ve got two great options for you. Teas Me Café has been infusing Indianapolis for years with the best teas around. Order a nice sampler with selections like Oolong and even some biscuits to go with it. Or give Baltimore’s Cuples Tea House a sip with their delectable loose-leaf selections. Bonus: They also love to educate on the benefits of their teas. Buying loose teas from either purveyor varies by variety but expect 4 oz. tins to run anywhere from $15 to $35.

Spice of Life: Giving Chef Dads a Little Flava

Here are top Father’s Day gift ideas for dads who love to cook! Any epicurean-minded man knows that spices will make or break a dish. Here are a few Black-owned businesses adding some snap to the spice rack! Start out with ChefGoneMad and their native New Orleans spice blends. Delicious and salt-free, it’s a proud mix of heritage and healthfulness. Most of the spices start at $13, but you can pick up bundles running from around $25 all the way up to $75.

Another health-forward spice purveyor is Addy Daddy and their “Cajun-soul” proprietary blends. Always chemical-free, they’ve got everything from Taco Loco to Texas Blaze. Think $6 to $7 for individual sauces or spice pouches and up to $33 for variety packs. Food Love Tog has amazing blends from Everyday Seasoning to Garlic Goodness. And they’re asking for dad to share his recipes too! Their 2 oz. offerings run around $13.

If your dad likes to go “nuts,” then Brooklyn Suya needs to be on his spice rack! These peanut-based blends go back to time-honored Nigerian traditions. They go for about $12 for 6 oz. and $24 for 12 oz. Chicken and shrimp lovers will love We Dat’s blends specially formulated for our favorite fryer creatures. Individual packs start at $6, while bundles of different offerings come in at $15 to $20.

But how about awesome kitchen appliances to whip up all that amazing spice-laden food? The Bronx-born, Black-owned Ghetto Gastro has teamed up with cooking tool maker CRUX to create CRUXGG. From carbon steel frying pans to coffee makers, this is your one-stop shop to fill up chef dad’s cabinets! You can go from cookware running at $70 to cool appliances like a killer blender coming in at $300.

Sweet Old Man: Desserts for Dad

Is Father’s Day a great excuse to give your dad a little sugar? Then here are some sweet treats he’s sure to dig! Crafted by a creative Black owner during the mortgage crisis, Mortgage Apple Cakes’ delicious selections like apple rum bites and apple pound cake taste fresh off the tree! Selections are $75 to $85.

If your dad believes great things come in small packages, then head on over to New Orleans’ own The Cupcake Collection. This family business started with a lady who had never even baked! And now, she’s offering up everything from red velvet to cookies ‘n cream, so load ’em up. Cupcakes are $3.50, while cakes can go from $65 to topping $100.

Remember that old saying, “That’s how the cookie crumbles?” Well, if you give dad the gift of a box from the Cookie Society, he’ll love how it all played out! This Frisco, Texas, original offers up creative flavors like banana pudding as well as classics like chocolate chip. Make sure there’s a tall glass of milk ready! Samplers go from $23 for a half-dozen to $42 for a dozen.

The good thing is that these fabulous bakeries all ship nationwide. No matter where Dad dwells, you can get him some amazing sweet treats.


A Brush With Grapeness: Wines for Dad

Sophisticated fathers may enjoy the fruits of the vineyard once in a while. And these Black-owned wineries are ready to pour out a cup for them! South African producer Aslina Wines is an icon in that nation, and now you can enjoy their tasty reds and whites to dad’s delight. Bottles run from about $8 to $15 with case discounts.

Back here in the USA, California’s own Theopolis Vineyards offers up best-in-class, award-winning bottles! The brainchild of a San Francisco trial attorney turned winemaker, their Pinot Noirs and Petit Sirahs are something special — and they’ve got Father’s Day deals going! Their .750-liter offerings go from $28 to $48.

Meals on Wheels: All Cooked Up for Dad

Maybe instead of making pops sweat in the kitchen on Father’s Day, send him fully prepared meals instead. Premier online purveyor Goldbelly has a whole page of Black Food Makers to explore, but we’ve got a few favorites in the bunch.


You cannot go wrong with these options and Dad can put his feet up during his special day. 

gift card

Keeping It Simple: Gift Cards for Foodie Fathers

Another way to fill up your epicurean dad’s belly is with gift cards from some of the very best Black-owned foodie outlets the world has to offer. With countless new eateries popping up in our community virtually every day, you might not be sure where to start! But we got you!

Black Restaurant Week has a Global Directory of Black-Owned Culinary Businesses for you to search through. Our “Follow Your Fork” philosophy sorts everything out by region, favorite dishes, and more. We will help you find your dad’s favorite foods!

Father’s Day Philanthropy: Gifts That Keep on Giving

If your dad is the kind of guy who feels best when he’s giving back, then we’ve got one more great idea for Father’s Day. Black Restaurant Weeks and the nonprofit Feed the Soul Foundation have been set up to help Black-owned small businesses. And they’ve got a great Father’s Day promotion lined up.

Teaming up with Houston jeweler Kendra Scott, here’s an opportunity to not only get your dad a cool gift but also let him know he’s helping others. Purchase a men’s watch from Kendra Scott on June 18, and 20% of the proceeds will go to supporting our scholarship fund for the next culinary entrepreneurs. And who knows? Maybe those you help now will make a tasty meal for your dad down the road!

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