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We Don’t Have to Take Our Cloves Off

Glassware: Nick & Nora glass

  • 2oz Maker’s Mark
  • 25oz garlic simple*
  • .25oz Carpano Antica
  • .25oz artichoke amaro**
  • 2 dashes of chocolate bitters

Stir with ice to chill and dilute and pour into Nick & Nora glass. Garnish with a bitter chocolate dusted parmesan crisp***

Roasted Garlic Simple Syrup

Cut the top off of a whole garlic clove. Lightly brush with olive oil and sea salt. Wrap in foil and roast in an oven at 400 degrees for 25 mins or until fragrant and golden to dark brown. When finished add to a pot of equal parts white sugar and water and simmer until sugar is dissolved. Leave garlic in syrup until ready to use

Garnish: Bake shredded parmesan in the oven at 400 degrees for 3-5 minutes ( until cheese melted and light brown) Let chill and dust with bitter coco powder. break into desired size to fit on top of Nick & Nora glass.


Nigal Vann has been behind the bar since he turned 21. He has dabbled in just about every scene from tiki culture to the prohibition era, wine bars and night lounge scene, and more.  Working with with chefs has always helped him excel in this field because it helps him understand how flavors work together and how to pair with food. Follow him on  Instagram.

Black Restaurant Week
Author: Black Restaurant Week

About Black Restaurant Week – Black Restaurant Week LLC is an annual, multi-city culinary movement celebrating the flavors of African, African-American and Caribbean cuisine nationwide. Black Restaurant Week partners with black-owned restaurants, chefs, caterers and food trucks to host a selection of culinary experiences aimed to expand awareness and increase support for black culinary professionals. The organization was founded in 2016 by entrepreneurs Warren Luckett, Falayn Ferrell and Derek Robinson. Connect with Black Restaurant Week on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.


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