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Essie Tamarind Glazed Wings


Essie Tamarind Glazed Wings

Tamarind Glazed Chicken Wings are packed with flavour. The Essie Spice Tamerand glaze gives these chicken wings the perfect amount of sweetness and tanginess for your tastebuds to enjoy.

  • Author: Essie Spice



2lbs of chicken wings 14-16 wings

2tbs grapeseed oil

34 tbs if Essie Spice Mekko Dry rub

1/4 cup Essie Spice  Tamerand glaze

Salt, pepper, garlic powder onion powder to taste


In a large bowl wash and clean your chicken wings. Pat dragon transfer to a sanitize dry surface. Poor grapeseed oil over your chicken wings followed by the Essie Spice Meiko dry rub and coat thoroughly.

Place the seasoned wings in one layer on a baking pan and  bake for 45 minutes to one hour on 350.

Remove from oven and brush with Essie Spice tamarind  glaze.

Place back in oven in broil for 3 minutes watching closely, making sure not to burn.

Remover after three minutes or until bubble and brown.

Serve over fluffy rice with Essie Okra


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