Tamarind Oh

Essie Tamarind Glazed Wings


2lbs of chicken wings 14-16 wings

2tbs grapeseed oil

3-4 tbs if Essie Spice Mekko Dry rub

1/4 cup Essie Spice  Tamerand glaze

Salt, pepper, garlic powder onion powder to taste


In a large bowl wash and clean your chicken wings. Pat dragon transfer to a sanitize dry surface. Poor grapeseed oil over your chicken wings followed by the Essie Spice Meiko dry rub and coat thoroughly. 

Place the seasoned wings in one layer on a baking pan and  bake for 45 minutes to one hour on 350. 

Remove from oven and brush with Essie Spice tamarind  glaze.

Place back in oven in broil for 3 minutes watching closely, making sure not to burn.

Remover after three minutes or until bubble and brown. 

Serve over fluffy rice with Essie Okra


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