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What’s on Your Holiday Cooking Playlist?

Almost as important as the food and cooking traditions you and your loved ones share over the holidays is the vibe you create while making them. We asked a few caterers and private chefs to tell us what’s on their holiday menus and the songs that have made it onto their holiday cooking playlists. Leave a comment below with your favorite music to groove to when you and your cousins gather to make family recipes over the holidays!

chef batts

Chef Batts, Chef Batts Catering – Nashville, TN

“My approach to holiday meals is elevating the traditional menu items I grew up on in the south. I would say my smoked gouda mac and cheese is a crowd favorite.”

Song on your holiday playlist: Papi’s Home, it gets me in my cooking swag.





Dexter Foreman, Dish With Dex – Houston, TX

“I stay true to the culture and appease people with the traditional treats. I make sure I take care of the staples but I most definitely add a little Cajun twist to spice things up on the side. Particularly a Cajun seafood mac and cheese.”

Song on your holiday playlist: Will Downing, Christmas, Love and You. His voice just sounds like a warm fireplace that’s fitting for the season.





squash the beef e1640013840924

Candice Maiden, Squash the Beef Catering – Cleveland, OH

“We like holiday meals that are flavorful and work together to compliment each other in taste. Since we are completely vegan, we like adding meatier textures, with savory and sweet flavors. Our favorite combinations are our meatless meatloaf, mac-n-cheez, sweet potatoes, and collard greens.”

Song on your holiday playlist: This Christmas by Donny Hathaway for sure. And of course Mariah Carey’s, All I want for Christmas.





graffiti e1640014080529



Chef Orenthal, Graffiti Culinaire – Kansas City, MO

“My approach is to not go the traditional holiday dinner route but to offer traditional items with a twist.”

Song on your holiday playlist: Donny Hathaway,  This Christmas or The Emotions,  What Do The Lonely Do At Christmas.





8th wonder e1640014187822

Chef Brittiney, 8th Wonder Cuisine – Augusta, GA

“My approach to holiday meals is to keep as much tradition as possible but also adapting to the current trend. People love tradition but they also love the idea of ‘new’. I feature a broccoli cheese casserole every holiday.”

Song on your holiday playlist: Jackson 5- Up On The House Top. It brings memories of my mom making breakfast on Christmas day, my nephew running around singing this song to the top of his lungs, my sister returning home from deployment, and my father returning from hunting.  It’s a moment in life I wish I could go back to every year.

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