The Reunion
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The Reunion- Pomegranate Bourbon Sangria


The Reunion- Pomegranate Bourbon Sangria

“The Reunion” is a sangria based cocktail incorporating natural herbs and spices during a family setting style serving. Prepared in a pitcher and served in a wine glass. This is a family recipe from years and generations of family get togethers and reunions. With the blends of flavors and using the spirit of Makers Mark, this is a rendition that meets all cultural and taste notes.

  • Author: Woody StJuste


  • 1 oz Pomegranate  (juice)
  • .5 oz  Lemon juice
  • 1.5 oz Sweet red wine  
  • 2.0 oz  Star Anise and cinnamon Simple Syrup 
  • 1.oz Sorrel Juice (Unsweetened Hibiscus juice  
  • 2 oz Makers Mark 
  • Float Prosecco Champagne to rim of glass.


Method: Mix all ingredients into a pitcher and stir until all ingredients are blended and chilled
Add ice to wine glass. Serving family style pitcher serve in wine glasses filled with ice.

Star Anise and Cinnamon Simple Syrup 

Infuse equal parts water and sugar to boiling water with star anise and cinnamon sticks. Bring to a boil and allow to settle to allow infusion of ingredients giving you a rich taste of ingredients

Garnish: Garnishes with star anise and cinnamon sticks with dehydrated limes and lemon wheels. 

Glassware: Oversized wine glass

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