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Recipe: Sweet Poppin’ Potato Tacos

 “A well-balanced diet is a taco in each hand.” That’s the slogan for Taylor’s Tacos, the first Black-owned, women-owned, queer-owned taco shop in Chicago.

Inspired by the street-style tacos of Southern California, the menu at Taylor’s Tacos features the classic Mexican dish with creative fillings and even more creative names, like the Awesome AF Asparagus, the West Side Ground Turkey and the Sweet Poppin’ Potato — the recipe for which is featured below. 

To make this dish vegan, simply skip the cotija cheese or replace it with your favorite dairy-free option. 

Be sure to also check out this feature on Taylor and her wife Mason as part of Black Restaurant Week’s Pride celebration! 


  • 6 White Corn Baby Tortillas
  • 2 Medium Sweet Potatoes
  • 1/4 Cup Salsa
  • 1 Cup Chopped Cilantro
  • 2 Tbsp Cotija Cheese
  • 1 Lime (cut in quarters) 
  • 2 Tbsp Hot Sauce
  • 1/4 Cup Slaw
  • 1 Tbsp Salt
  • Sazón Seasoning


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  • Peel and dice sweet potatoes into small pieces. 
  • Blanche sweet potatoes in boiling salted water for 3-5 minutes. Remove from water and pat dry. 
  • Heat pan on medium heat and add in oil and sweet potatoes. Remove once crisp and golden. 
  • Heat each side of tortillas on same oiled pan for 45 seconds. Shake off excess oil and place on plate once both sides are crisp. 
  • Add a hefty spoonful of sweet potatoes to the center of the tortillas, two tortillas per taco. 
  • Add salsa, slaw, and Sazón seasoning on top of sweet potatoes. 
  • Garnish with cilantro and top with cotija cheese


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Jada Smith
Author: Jada Smith


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