Best black owned restaurants in charleston

The Best Black Owned Restaurants in Charleston, SC

The Black owned restaurants in Charleston, South Carolina, are leading the charge in a burgeoning foodie scene. Unique culinary experiences are popping up all over the state’s largest city. Getting a taste of these amazing kitchens isn’t just about satisfying your taste buds. It’s also about exploring the history and culture behind each restaurant’s cuisine. A delicious journey of discovery through the vibrant and diverse food scene of the best Charleston’s Black-owned restaurants awaits those ready to dive in. It speaks to generations of struggle and perseverance. Callbacks to ancient traditions from the Motherland fuse with forward-thinking entrepreneurs who reverently blend legacy approaches like Low Country foodways with soul food heritage and beyond.

With such a historical background, African-American ancestors had a heavy impact on shaping everything from music and art to cooking techniques in Charleston. Many came from Ghana, and Gullah traditions found their way into much of the cuisine, infusing itself into Southern cooking at large and, eventually, reintroducing West African spices to menu items served up throughout the city.

We’ll take you through a little tour of the very best Black owned restaurants in Charleston SC who’s celebrating this legacy — it’s one of the best things to do in Charleston. While you’re here, be sure to take a few bites between your tour of local Black landmarks such as Mother Emanuel AME Church, the Charleston City Market, or the Gibbs Museum of Art. Once you need to reenergize, fuel up on some of these great eateries.

5318 Albert St., North Charleston, SC  29418

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Chef Deljuan Murphy has been slowly making quite the reputation for himself, very much reflecting the way he patiently crafts his delicious meals. Leaning heavily into locally sourced ingredients and spices, his own food journey has landed him a choice spot as the purveyor of one of Charleston’s best Black-owned eateries. Come on by for comfort food favorites like chicken and waffles and homemade cornbread. Seafood jambalayas make for a pretty plate, while you best be sure to leave room for dessert, from cheesecakes to freshly made pies.

396 Huger St., Charleston, SC  29403

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Did somebody say ribs? Well, Guy Simmons sure did, and he comes to the table with the goods. Serving up his signature pork creations at The Rib Guy, using the same location where his dad ran Guy’s Variety Discount Store and Guy’s Meats, bone-sucking enthusiasts are flocking to his door. You can pick from a two-piece order to whole slabs and your choice of homemade sauces ranging from lemon pepper to garlic parmesan. Also, be sure to try out the soul-stirring okra soup and the locally beloved favorite chicken wings. This is definitely a place to show up with a huge appetite!

1011 King St., Charleston, SC  29403

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Now this is the place to go if you’re ready to go “whole hog,” as this incredible must-eat in Charleston’s motto says. Rodney Scott’s BBQ gets all piggish with their time-honored hardwood embers BBQ pits imparting their special flavors. Whether you’re holding a “King of the Menu” pork sandwich in your hand or going all out with the pulled pork shoulder plate, you can be sure all things here porcine are also sublime. You can also opt for chicken and turkey from the same pit, and the taters on the side are not to be missed. Catfish fans will get hooked on Scott’s catch of the day, and Ella’s banana pudding makes for a sweet finish!

4. Hannibal's Kitchen

16 Blake St., Charleston, SC  29403

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 Remember when we talked about Gullah-style food back in the beginning? Well, over at Hannibal’s Kitchen, they got the goods on Gullah! Proud of its deep local roots, founder L.J. Huger leans more heavily into substance than style. The rustic setting is in contrast to the incredible cuisine. This Charleston soul food stop features an outstanding crab and shrimp platter in that fabled tradition second to none. You can opt for easygoing treats like the Jumbo drums or go bold with shark steak or gizzards! For the adventurous, this authentic taste of ancient food techniques will be highly rewarding.

5. Taste of the Island

2578 Ashley River Rd., Suite J, Charleston, SC 29414

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It’s time to mix in a little Creole for our supper action! As the name of the place implies, Charleston’s Taste of the Islands brings home Caribbean cooking traditions to those who seek a touch of tropical breeze on their plates. Jamaican ackee sautés of saltfish are a great place to start. Dig deeper into the authentic flavors with a bit of curried goat or a plate of Jerk wings. These folks even carry imported D&G sodas to wash it all down. It’s all One Love, One Heart in this casual eatery that makes you feel like you’re already home. At the end of it all, try out the coco bread for a unique pastry that will keep you coming back for more.

6. House of Flavor

6278 SC-162, Hollywood, SC  29449

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This soul food stop might be off the beaten path, but it’s well worth the trip! Located west of Charleston proper out on Highway 162, you’ll soon understand why folks come far and wide to sample the output of this kitchen. Of course, you’ll find amazing standbys like wings and shrimp platters. But this one has some hibachi selections that infuse a touch of the far east in these down-home recipes. Everything from lamb chops to ribeye get the treatment, all served up with egg-fried rice. And for dessert? How about some Fruity Pebbles waffles? We’ll bring the milk!

7. Day Drink Brunch Lounge

106 E. Doty Ave., Summerville, SC  29483

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Brunch is the name of the game in this Black-owned Charleston eatery. Owner Jessica Norton thought she would open a sports bar, but you know how that meal between breakfast and lunch can go! Day Drink Brunch Lounge has a colorful décor, which is the perfect backdrop for a boozy afternoon (or morning) meal. There’s egg salad toast, avocado toast, crab cakes, and homemade croissants. Naturally, there are all the lovely drinks to pair, from Mimosas to “your” mosas! Check out their cool events as well, from mixology classes to some fabled happy hours.

8. Sommba Cocina & Celler

1710 Shoremeade Rd., #450, Mt. Pleasant, SC  29464

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Now here’s something to really “wine” about! Steering away from the deep south vibes, this Black-Owned restaurant is more about the grape. As the name implies, Somma Cocina & Cellar highlights the product of the vineyard with an amazing collection of vintage wines pouring into your glass. You can choose by the bottle, individual servings, or curated tastings to sample a little of everything. Small plates dominate the menu, from traditional Spanish gazpacho to grilled octopus and braised pork cheeks. Eat, drink, and be merry!

9. Geechee Food Boy

North Charleston, SC

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If you ever need a reason to chase down the best food truck in all of Charleston, Geechee Food Boy is here to give you a purpose! Beloved for its soul food and seafood offerings, these folks proudly serve the Lowcountry area on a mission to make you leave wanting more. Start out with some sides, like the hush puppies or their famous Geechee egg roll. Curry goat and Jerk chicken shows up with some cabbage rice. If you’re more in the mood for something from the ocean, try out the fried oysters.


The rich and deep history of the Black experience in Charleston can be felt throughout the city. Lowcountry culture has produced everything from its own language, which still uses West African words in its vocabulary, to the distinct Geechee identity. Food traditions are just as legitimately a part of that culture as any other piece of it. Few folkways are as intimate and visceral as the act of feeding people. What we taste in our food sends a message down from generation to generation: this is the flavor of who we are. So when you’re taking a bite out of a dish from one of the the best black owned restaurants in Charleston, SC we’ve been talking about, try to keep in mind that your palate is playing a part in that tradition, filling more than just your belly – it’s also filling your soul. Sink your teeth into your own heritage with every delicious morsel.

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