COVID Resources for Restaurants

Panel Discussions

Black Restaurant Week presented a week of Town Hall discussions to provide insight for culinary businesses adjusting after COVID19. Topics include financing, operations, marketing, and technology.

Panel Discussion Tips

Below see notes from the Aroma Town Hall Panels

Alternative Financing Methods for the Culinary Community

1. Hire a reputable CPA Firm: Check with your local African American Chamber of Commerce for referrals.

2. Build Credit Union Relationships: Become a member of a Credit Union near your business

3. File your Taxes Quarterly: Having all your taxes filed on a quarterly basis keeps your business prepared for emergency lending.

New Way of Business – Updating your business operations after COVID

1. Update your Delivery/Takeout experience: Use Tampered Evident food labels to gain customer trust and add designated pickup/delivery parking spaces.

2. Disinfect instead of sanitize: Learn the difference between the disinfect process, most restaurants use a sanitize process. Check the EPA approved list of products to disinfect and kill COVID.

3. Streamline your menu: Use this time to streamline your menu offerings. Check to make sure your menu items are profitable, portable, popular, and easy to prepare for takeout/delivery services.

4. Increase safety signage: Us provided resources to increase the amount of safety signage around the restaurant for employees.

5. Stay flexible: Important to stay agile for food supply shortages, be flexible with menu options.

Make it Last Forever – Marketing & Branding tips for your culinary business

1. Review and share Customer Reviews with staff: Take good reviews and celebrate them throughout the restaurants. Make sure to share both good and bad reviews weekly with staff for evaluation.

2. Identify a Publicist: Check with your local African American Chamber of Commerce for referrals.

3. Hire a Food Photographer & Stylist: High quality food photos can be used throughout your marketing collateral, website, and social media accounts. Make sure to hire a photographer that specializes in food, there is a difference.

4. Build relationships with local Food Bloggers: Food Bloggers provide awareness for your brand as well as photos, reviews, and a engaged audience.

5. Invest in strategy to market your business: Make sure your operations are in order before promoting.

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